Little Miss Blue Bass.. A Stomping Double Slap Bass Player with Buicks 56 band  playin 1950's Rock and Roll, Doo -Wop, Jive, Rockabilly Boppers and much more..! also along with  Elvis 56 ( if I can dream band ) .. Yes it could be him .. We think its him... playing all the King Elvis Presley best rockin 1950's songs that drive the girls wild.

Also I am available to Dep for bands along with session recording work were needed when I dont have my own band commitments.

Welcome to my website .. Here you can find out a little more  About Me "Little Miss Blue Bass" and my experience at playing the upright double bass, also my  Lastest News such as my new album that you will soon be able to purchase on CD, along with  dates of when and were im playing with both my committed bands aswell as  My Gallary  of past and present photos of clubs and venues that I have played my Double Bass in the UK and Europe along with when im out socialising with friends within the rock and roll scene.

If you are stuck and you require a Dep Double Bass Player for your band that sings, harmonize and can do any backing vocals that you need, or be it for session work or just for a recording project you have in mind and you just need that tone of an Upright Double Bass to bring in that extra sound for the project that you are trying to achieve, be it for strumming or the more heavyer Slap Bass or Click then you can check when I have free dates when I do not have commitments already booked with my own 2 bands... So to find out if im free please  Contact Me Here 

I also have my own professional equitment along with haveing my own transport so I can travel to and from studios / gigs and venues were I am 150% committed at being punctual , turning up, and most of all .. on time..! 

You can also find me on facebook by clicking on the facebook logo below.   

Buicks 56 Rock and Roll Band

Buicks 56 Rock and Roll Band.